The frequency of sealcoating depends on a number of factors. How long the sealcoat takes to wear off depends largely on the condition of the pavement underneath. Rougher surfaces absorb more, so the seal tends to last longer. Smooth surfaces absorb less, so the seal wears faster. Most pavements have areas that receive different amounts of traffic, sunlight, water flow, and other environmental elements that lead to wear. Sealcoating has two benefits – surface preservation and aesthetic improvement. We find that most customers prefer to be slightly proactive with successive sealcoats and re-seal surfaces when they start to look worn or streaky. In terms of functionality, many of these pavement surfaces are still largely protected adequately, but again customers tend to prefer a more proactive approach favoring aesthetics, particularly given the cost effectiveness and “cheap insurance” nature of sealcoating.  We see many contractors claim 3-5 year windows (likely a bit of self-serving advice at play there), but a 5-7 year cycle is more common and reasonable for common two coat applications.